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Cooking Conquests and a Question

Hey y'all! In preparation for married life and moving out of my mom's house I've been cooking as much as possible. Because I work full-time I usually cook a full meal on Sunday with lots of leftovers for the week (and some frozen for future meals), and cook something less complicated during the week. I've been making a list of specific dishes I'd like to conquer, and I've nearly reached the end of it. Even before I started on this mission I was pretty comfortable throwing stuff together to make a quick meal, but since I made this a goal I've prepared a wide array soups and stews, cookies and cakes, curries and stir fries, and most recently, lasagne. Next week I'll be on vacation, so I plan on doing home-made bread, quiche, risotto and chicken pot pie, and that'll be the end of my list.

I need help brainstorming up more ideas! What classics/favorites should I make it my mission to cook? We're a family of four, and two of us don't eat beef or pork, and one is a diabetic who hates olives.

Also, recently someone posted a link for a site where you can input what you have in your fridge and it will give you suggestions on meals. I've gone back and I can't find it anywhere--can someone re-post it for me?

Thanks in advance!!

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